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Off the Shelf (Paperback)

The “implementable comprehensive plan” approach has become a standard in Pennsylvania. Its introduction by Denny Puko at PA DCED and pioneering by consultant Jim Pashek contributed to a growth in practical and results-oriented planning over the last ten years.


Interest in implementable planning grew mainly by a training course and workbook, scattered printed materials, and word of mouth…until now. A definitive guide is now available: Off the Shelf and Into Action, How to Create an Implementable Comprehensive Plan, written by Jim Pashek and Denny Puko.


The 127-page book describes five keys for creating an implementable plan. It provides a wealth of ideas and “closer look” stories to stimulate planning that will lead to action and results. According to Pashek, Off the Shelf and Into Action is “the culmination to date of our thoughts as we rolled up our sleeves and engaged in the sometimes messy work of helping communities address their concerns.”


The authors have agreed to donate proceeds from book sales to the APA Pennsylvania Chapter for scholarships and training. “We didn’t write the book to make money,” said Puko. “We wrote it to provoke new and different thinking about planning.”

Off the Shelf (Paperback)

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